Stylish Activewear: Pretty Activewear Sets for Every Workout

Long gone are the times when you could wear a simple black t-shirt and shorts to the gym. That’s because even the fitness industry has come under the radar of fashion, so people are wearing stylish activewear before they head for the workout session of the day. The gym freaks are always on the lookout for activewear sets that can get them the best mirror selfies in the gym, so we are sharing some amazing options that you cannot ignore!


1. Seamless Bra & High-Waist Legging Set

If you want to turn heads, you have to be careful in choosing the right color along with the design. That’s the reason we are talking about this lettuce set, which is designed with a high-coverage bra and high-waist leggings so you can get the best wearing experience. The set is made from eco-friendly fabric, and it’s so comfortable, you feel like it’s your own skin.

The set actually has lifting and sculpting abilities, so your body will look amazing. The fabric has a four-way stretching ability, so you can work out easily. In fact, there are contouring panels that give a nice shape to your legs and glutes.

2. Seamless One-Shoulder Cutout Bodysuit

In case you are tired of wearing the same old workout clothes and want to add some variety, we recommend purchasing this one-shoulder cutout bodysuit. It has a one-shoulder design and a cutout on the side, which is perfect for workouts. In fact, this design creates an edgy and chic look without compromising on sophistication.

The bodysuit is made from an extremely breathable and soft fabric, so you can work out with ease. Also, the asymmetrical cutout adds an edgy touch to the outfit. On top of everything, it has a snap button closure on the crotch, so you can use the restroom easily (it’s the ultimate dream, right?).

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3. Move-Free Long-Sleeve Top

We know this isn’t a set, but you can easily pair it with high waisted leggings available at Cosmolle. This top is designed with a skin-friendly and moisture-wicking yarn fabric, which keeps you comfortable and without sweat after hours of workout. The top has an edgy knot neckline, so your gym pictures are fashionable as well.

The top has fingerless gloves, making your hand movement easier. There is internal chest support as well, leading to a shock-free experience. Not to forget, the top is versatile as you can pair it with regular jeans and don it for brunch with the girls.

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4. Full-Length Bodysuit

Bodysuits are one of the most comfortable activewear options. That’s because they are easy to move in, and you don’t have to worry about keeping the pants in place. This one is designed with a full-leg design, which looks extremely chic and sophisticated. Also, the scoop neck helps you accentuate the look as you can show off the collar bone, while the built-in bra gives a nice shape to your chest.


  1. Wah, bagus2 ya model active wear-nya :D AKu suka yang atasannya lengan panjang atau yang you can see. Buat olahraga senam ini pasti nyaman bahannya disesuaikan dengan kepraktisan dan kebutuhan. Menurutku paling enak yang ukuran bawahan/ celananya yang sepaha atau selutut. Kalau pakai warna gelap jadi kelihatan lebih langsing ya hehehhe. Warna hijau pun aku suka.

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